About Rehab British Columbia

Helping people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol is our main goal here at Rehab British Columbia. Our Vancouver facility is staffed by people who understand the plight of the addict. We understand how important and difficult it can be to make the decision to get treatment for yourself or a loved one.

We have been a national leader in rebuilding broken lives for years now. One of the fundamentals of our programs is relapse prevention. Rehab British Columbia understands that it only takes one drink or hit to start the addictive cycle. That’s why we are proud of the fact that a large percentage of the people who go through our treatments stay sober.

We have an engaged and competent staff with the experience and knowledge to combat any kind of substance abuse.

  • Our counselors are all professionals. Whether they are treating the addicted person in a group setting or a one-on-one session, they strive to put together a recovery package for each individual.
  • Our facility is modern, innovative and welcoming. We understand that providing the best atmosphere for recovery increases the chances of success.
  • Our programs are varied and comprehensive. After an initial assessment period, we will be able to match each substance abuser with a tailor-made recovery package specifically designed for them. Making sure each person gets individualized help is one of the cornerstones of our success.

Immediate Access to Successful Treatment

There’s a window of opportunity for treatment. Rehab British Columbia understands that detoxification is the first step to the completion of any of our programs. That’s why we pride ourselves on having medical professionals available at our detox to guide you or a loved one through this initial stage.

A safe and medically supervised detox allows the addict to ready themselves for the recovery message.

Other Amenities

We also believe that recovery incorporates the body mind and soul. That’s why we put together athletic facilities that can help rebuild long neglected muscles. The chefs we employ cook the finest food that has the highest nutritional value.

Rehab British Columbia is also proud of the support we offer families. Our counselors and therapists understand that alcohol and drug abuse is a family disease. That’s why we have special sessions so people around the addict can piece their lives back together.

Take the time to look at the intervention programs we offer that tie in with all the other packages. You’ll see why our Rehab British Columbia recovery programs are so well respected.