Adderall Addiction Treatment British Columbia

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February 15, 2018
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March 10, 2018

Adderall Addiction Treatment British Columbia

This is another one of those prescription medications that can be abused. Although our Adderall addiction treatment British Columbia services are like ones for other substances, they are tailor-made for this particular drug too.

This is a brand name for a drug that contains an amphetamine as well as some other ingredients. It can be bought in several different forms like blue and white tablets. Adderall is generally found in hospitals and pharmacies. Doctors will prescribe it for their patients for a variety of ailments including narcolepsy and even hyperactive disorders.

Increased Heart Rate

There are some noticeable effects from Adderall including an increased heart rate. Blood pressure can also spike under the influence of this drug. As well as increased physical performance, people under the influence of Adderall also report heightened mental concentration.

However, like any other prescription drug, there is room for abuse.

Overdose and Adderall Addiction Treatment

Overdosing on this drug can present the same symptoms as an acute intoxication on another substance. It’s necessary to remember that the amphetamines in Adderall can affect the central nervous system. At the same time, no two people who take the drug will react the same way. What could very well be an overdose in one patient, won’t have the same effect on another.

However, it’s important that everyone understands the symptoms of an overdose. These include:

  • Hallucinations as well as abdominal cramps and diarrhoea. If you have a friend or loved one who has overdosed on this drug, try to remember that the symptoms will be both mental and physical.
  • There is also a potential for violence as well as paranoid behavior. This drug increases the activity level both physically and mentally. It stands to reason that an overdose will push someone over the limits of their endurance.
  • Tremors are another one of the physical symptoms that show up with an Adderall overdose.

We specialize in the kind of personal programs that get results. Our understanding is that no two addicts react the same way to treatment. That’s why we pride ourselves in looking at each and every one of our patients as separate and unique cases.

Our addiction counselors have been in the game for years and have the experience you or your loved one needs. If you’re suffering from substance abuse, our Adderall addiction treatment British Columbia can help you put your life back on course again.