Addiction Recovery British Columbia

The number one priority of our addiction recovery British Columbia facility is sober living. We want everyone who passes through our treatment facility to become the person they are meant to be. It’s our desire to help them put aside their drug of choice and become a useful member of society.

We provide credible and reliable treatment for a variety of drugs and of course for people addicted to alcohol. We are completely holistic program because we understand that the mind, body and soul all need to recover work in unison.

Here are just a few of the features that separate us from other treatment facilities.

Our staff are all highly accredited

It’s important for you to put your recovery in the hands of professionals. Our staff have all the proper credentials. Some are clinical psychologists and others are certified therapists. We even higher those who have made it through a recovery process themselves.

It’s in the best interest of our clients that we have this kind of well-rounded view.

Our facilities are top-notch

Our addiction recovery British Columbia facility is both comfortable and inviting. It’s important to create the right atmosphere to facilitate recovery and that’s what we’ve done. Private rooms and group meeting areas form a perfect balance for those looking to re-enter society and have some quiet time too.

All aspects of Recovery

Remember that our philosophy for recovery incorporates all aspects — including the body and mind. That’s why we pride ourselves on having an excellent physical fitness facility and food that is top-notch and prepared by culinary experts and nutritionists.

Our Programs are Customized

Of course, we understand that no two people are alike. That also means that no two addictions react the same way to a one-size-fits-all program. That’s why we specialize in one-on-one and group therapy sessions with some of the finest clinical therapists and psychologists in the field.

Our Treatments are Thorough

The professionals we have on staff understand that addiction is a family disease. That’s why we’ve adopted family therapy sessions so that everyone involved with an addiction can partake of recovery too.

If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, it’s important that you get the best treatment possible. Making sure that you have the tools to enjoy your sober life is our mission here at our addiction recovery British Columbia facility.