Addiction Treatment British Columbia

Searching for successful addiction treatment British Columbia? You’re on the right website. We take great pride and feature a holistic approach that includes addressing neurological and historical reasons for addiction. We treat a variety of different substance abuse problems. After attending our rehab, you’ll learn the fundamentals of building a new life and preventing relapse.

We treat individuals who are suffering from specific addictions including:

Opioid Dependence

This is a part of our program that specializes in both illegal drugs like heroin and prescription medications like oxycodone. As well as emotional support, our facility provides physical and mental tools that are designed to prevent relapse.

Wherever necessary, our facility provides medically supported detoxification. The mental support that we provide is instrumental in helping patients understand the underlying reasons for their behaviour.


This is one of the more common addictions that we encounter. Our treatment facility provides the necessary motivation and social support to prevent a relapse. We also have after treatment programs for alcoholics who need support after they leave treatment.

Of course, our addiction treatment British Columbia facility treats a variety of other kinds of substance abuse problems. With us, you can rest assured that you will learn a set of coping strategies as well as confront the origins of your addiction.

We are a thorough and comprehensive facility. Because we want to make sure each and every one of our clients gets the best treatment possible, we have an assessment procedure.

Rehab British Columbia Assessment

Getting started on the right foot is very important in recovery. We like to start the process off with a quick phone conversation followed by a more detailed assessment. It’s important to us that we understand what your recovery goals are and exactly how committed you are to the process.

During these initial conversations, we’ll start to put together our recovery program designed specifically for you. Once we take a look at your individual abilities, will be able to fashion a program that will make sure you enjoy a lasting and efficient recovery.

Experience and Compassion

We have experience and compassion. Those are two of the ingredients that make us one of Canada’s finest drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics. Even after you’ve left our facility, we’d like to stay in touch with an aftercare program specifically designed to your benefit.

We understand that it’s important for you to use the new tools you learn at our facility. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, our addiction treatment British Columbia facility is waiting for you.