Alcohol Addiction Treatment British Columbia

Our alcohol addiction treatment British Columbia programs are designed to help you get a new lease on life. We have a holistic approach that includes treatment on several levels and physical therapy as well as nutritional foods prepared by culinary experts. It might seem impossible to stop when you’re in the middle of a drinking problem, but we can help.

One of the first steps on the road to a new life is withdrawal from alcohol. If you drink enough for a long period of time, your body becomes dependent on this substance. Although we have a detoxification center for severe withdrawals, many of our patients go through this phase of recovery without being medically monitored.

Our Detox Process

There are times when severe withdrawal from alcohol needs to be carefully supervised for a person’s own safety. Medical problems can arise for people drinking heavily for years. That’s why we have a team of doctors and nurses on staff to carefully guide these people through this initial stage of recovery.

It’s the first stage in your new life and a very important one. That’s why we stress that withdrawal from alcohol needs to work hand-in-hand with the desire to lead a sober life. There’s nothing easy about putting the bottle down for good and at first the nausea, shaking and sweats can be uncomfortable.


The alcohol addiction treatment British Columbia programs we supply are geared towards a holistic recovery. That means we take the time to put in the effort to help you uncover the triggers that can cause relapses. Our counselors and therapists will help you build the defenses necessary to avoid taking that first drink ever again.


It’s important to us that the people recovering from alcohol addiction get every possible chance to start a new life. Over the years we have found that interventions are the first stepping stone to a sober lifestyle.

If you or a loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol, this can be a necessary step. It allows the alcoholic to clearly see the effect their behavior has on others. What’s more, a good intervention also allows family members a cathartic experience.

They get to tell the addicted person exactly how they feel and how their substance abuse has affected them and their relationship.

Rehab British Columbia understands how devastating a problem drinking can be. That’s why our alcohol addiction treatment British Columbia program is considered by many people who want to change their lives.