Amphetamine Addiction Treatment British Columbia

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March 1, 2018
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Amphetamine Addiction Treatment British Columbia

Over the years we have found in our amphetamine addiction treatment British Columbia service that people often use this drug to combat fatigue. Amphetamines are also used to suppress appetite. There are many people who start out using amphetamines for these reasons and wind up getting addicted.

There are some terrifying consequences from amphetamine abuse. These include:

  • Heart problems. Cardiac issues are one of the most common problems associated with amphetamine abuse. Most people who start out using the drug don’t understand that a prolonged increased heart rate can have devastating effects.
  • Abusing any kind of drug can result in severe mental problems. Addicts who abuse amphetamines can actually become psychotic and require intense treatment. Malnutrition is another one of the effects of long-term drug abuse.
  • Convulsions are another dire consequence.

Understanding the symptoms of amphetamine abuse can help you save someone’s life. Being aware of any kind of drug abuse problem is the first step toward a lasting recovery. Our amphetamine addiction treatment facility stresses the following symptoms as a clear sign of an addiction.

  • Pupils that are dilated. One of the clear signs that someone is abusing amphetamines or any other drug is this physical manifestation. There are other ways that you can tell if someone is high on amphetamines, but this is the one that doctors and police officers use most often.
  • Blood pressure that spikes. One of the other big problems with amphetamine addiction is the fact that it causes your body to do unnatural things. A spike in blood pressure can lead to more severe problems and even a heart attack in some cases.
  • A spike in body temperature. Abusing this drug over a long period of time will cause your body temperature to rise. It’s another classic symptom of drug abuse.

We pride ourselves on having the cure for amphetamine addiction. What separates us from other treatment facilities is the fact that we have a large knowledge base. For example, we have a large library of mental consequences of amphetamine abuse. Poor memory is one of the clearest signals.

People who have a problem with this particular drug often withdraw from social situations and family. It’s almost always the case that the symptoms get worse as the addiction progresses.

If you or someone you love has a problem with this drug. We can help our counselors and treatment facility are professional and state-of-the-art. We have the amphetamine addiction treatment British Columbia that works.