Cocaine Addiction Treatment British Columbia

Rehab British Columbia treats many different kinds of substance abuse problems like cocaine addiction. Our comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment British Columbia centers offer tailor-made programs for each individual. We have psychologists and counselors who are the best in their fields. Our facilities are comfortable, friendly and modern.

The holistic approach we favor treats all aspects of the addiction – from the body and mind to the soul and spirit. One of the big problems with cocaine addiction is the fact that it is a popular recreational substance.

One of the goals of the treatment we provide is to dispel the myth that it is a socially acceptable drug. There are some telltale signs of cocaine abuse and these include:

  • Agitated behavior. People who are abusing cocaine always seem to have an excess of energy. After a while abusing the drug, their body craves this high and that’s the essence of addiction.
  • A change in concentration. When people become addicted to cocaine, they can lose their ability to focus and concentrate on specific topics.
  • Involuntary movements. In the latter stages of abuse, people addicted to cocaine can develop muscle tics and eye twitches.

Rehab British Columbia treats cocaine addiction with a detox process at first. It’s essential that any of our patients get the drug out of their system completely before recovery can begin. Our detox facility is medically supervised.

Our team of psychologists and therapists are first rate. They are all accredited in the latest and most innovative therapy techniques. Our programs specialize in a combination of one-on-one and group therapy sessions. The one on one versions are perfect for addicts who are looking to build a set of defenses against relapse.

Group Therapy Sessions

The group therapy sessions help them to socialize with sober people. Sharing ideas and situations also makes each individual stronger through the group interaction. Cocaine abuse has some severe medical consequences.

For example, research has proven that cocaine abuse over time can change the chemical makeup of your brain. Heart muscles can also be inflamed with prolonged abuse that can lead to heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

There’s also a very real risk of brain damage and strokes. If you or someone you know is abusing cocaine, we can help. Our Rehab British Columbia treatment center is state-of-the-art, compassionate and effective.

If you are suffering through the ravages of cocaine addiction treatment British Columbia, contacting us is the first step in a new life.