Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment British Columbia

One of the things that makes crystal meth abuse so dangerous is the fact that this drug is synthetically produced. Over the years that we’ve been treating a variety of addictions here at Rehab British Columbia in Vancouver, we’ve seen the ravages of this drug. Crystal meth, abused over a long period of time, can ruin a life.

Here’s a few things you should know if you or someone you know wants to recover from an addiction to this drug:

  • How fast someone can become addicted to this drug depends on several things. For example, research tells us that one of the factors placing people at high risk for addiction is genetic. In other words, if you have a grandmother or grandpa that liked to drink, you might be in a higher risk category for drug abuse.
  • Research also tells us this drug is gaining in popularity. Statistics from 2009 put crystal meth behind only cannabis as the most popular drug. A study as recently as 2014 highlights the fact that over half a million people have used this drug.

Rehab British Columbia is dedicated to helping people with crystal meth abuse issues rebuild a quality life. Our counseling sessions help addicts understand the origins of their addiction. Families can even get some therapy. We understand that any kind of addiction affects the people around the addict too.

Physical Issues

There are physical issues with this addiction. Along with the risk of stroke and hypertension, people who abuse crystal meth also often suffer from an irregular heartbeat.

We Can Help With Crystal Meth Abuse

We have a team that is dedicated to making sure your recovery works. Our therapists and psychologists all have great reputations as skillful counselors. We pride ourselves on kind, down to earth and useful solutions to addiction.

All of our staff at Rehab British Columbia are friendly and compassionate. Everyone who works with us has experience in the recovery field and addiction training that makes them industry leaders.


We also have an excellent team of intervention experts. These are an excellent way for family members to get involved in the recovery process. As well as helping the addict get the treatment they need, our intervention program helps families of people who don’t want help.

Rehab British Columbia understands the damage that any kind of drug or crystal meth addiction treatment British Columbia can cause. That’s why we have customized approaches to recovery covering crystal meth abuse.