Drug Rehab Services British Columbia

Putting a life back together with our complete drug rehab services British Columbia is a priority. This is the first stage of a new life in sobriety and it’s very important. We have an experienced staff that understands how to help you become a productive member of society.

The experts we employ are all carefully vetted and they understand some fundamental recovery principles and strategies like emotional release and management. We offer a well-balanced approach to recovery that includes a safe and comfortable atmosphere and nutritious balanced meals.

Group and Individual Therapy

Our drug rehab services British Columbia provides for group and individual therapy. We have a variety of different programs to choose from including 30, 60 and 90-day models. We take a holistic approach to recovery. Our sessions include movies, videos, lectures and group discussions. The goal is to provide each and every patient with a series of tools to prevent relapse.

As well as the in-house services and therapy sessions, we have an aftercare program. We know how important it is for our clients to use the tools they’ve learned in the outside world. That’s why the sessions that we provide for also include carefully constructed meetings and helpful information.

There are several factors we take into account when you apply to one of our programs. These include:

  • How long a person has used drugs and alcohol. This can have a lasting effect on the way they think and it’s one of the benchmarks we use.
  • The amount of drugs and alcohol used. We find it’s quite often the best idea to put a person in a detoxification center first. Once their bodies are clean of the toxic substances, they are ready for the recovery message.
  • The other health issues they may have. Some people might have physical and/or mental problems that need to be addressed along with substance abuse. In fact, these other issues are sometimes the reason the person abuses drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Our drug rehab services British Columbia take each individual situation into account. We can tailor make each of our recovery programs to suit the level of drug dependence. Some people require longer stays than others and more intensive counseling sessions.

The services we provide are designed to help the person abusing drugs and alcohol as well as the family. Contacting our drug rehab services British Columbia is the first step in a lasting recovery.