Medical detox British Columbia and lending a hand

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February 15, 2018

Medical detox British Columbia and lending a hand

The first step in recovery toward a new life is finding a medical detox British Columbia. Sometimes, people in the grips of alcohol or drug abuse can’t get there by themselves. That’s when a friend or relative lends a hand. Here are a few tips if you are worried about someone you know and think they might have a substance abuse issue.

First things first as they say. That means you need to be aware of your role as a friend or relative. In other words, there are some things you can do to facilitate recovery, but you are not a healthcare professional. It’s important to remember that.

That’s why there are a few things you need to remember about helping people close to you such as:

  • You’re not in any position to diagnose your friend’s condition. In other words, you might think they have a problem with drugs or alcohol but you’re not qualified to be sure. That means you should not be giving out any kind of advice about medical treatment or recovery techniques.
  • If you’re worried, you can lay it on the line so to speak and ask your friend why their behavior has changed. It’s important not to be judgmental here or to make any accusations. People in the depths of addiction rarely see things in a clear way. Don’t be surprised if your friend has a different view of what’s going on.
  • Make yourself available to listen. If your friend seems especially talkative, you should listen without interrupting. Sharing their thoughts about any problems they are having is often one of the therapeutic tools experts in the field use. Quite often you’ll see individual and group therapies as one of the features recovery clinics implement.

Still, there are times when your friend or relative doesn’t seem ready to accept the help offered in a medical detox British Columbia.  It can be difficult if a friend that you suspect is using drugs and alcohol doesn’t want to change their life, but there are a few suggestions for this circumstance.

For example, letting your friend know that you’re always available to talk is a good way to leave the door to recovery open. It’s never a good idea to try and force them into a treatment program. If you look for a way that makes talking easier, you’ll get better results. Some people enjoy an evening walk while others like to text or send emails. A good friend is always available to help someone who might benefit from a medical detox British Columbia.