Methadone Addiction Treatment British Columbia

Rehab British Columbia is located in Vancouver. We are dedicated and committed to helping people find their way back from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We have an outstanding facility and a staff that’s committed to the most innovative techniques including methadone addiction treatment British Columbia.

We use this medication based treatment because the goal is to get an addict off the street drugs that are quite often lethal. We prefer this method for several very good reasons.

Methadone is effective because:

  • It reduces the cravings for street drugs and opioids. Some illegal drugs like heroin have incredibly strong addictive qualities that are hard to break. Our experience has shown us that using a substitute like methadone increases the chances of getting the person off the street drug permanently. Everything is administered by qualified people at Rehab British Columbia, so there’s never any chance of substituting one addiction for another.
  • Methadone also blocks any of the effects of illegal drugs. An addict’s brain needs to be rewired as they go through the recovery process. By taking away the cause-and-effect relationship substance abusers have developed with drugs like oxycodone, recovery therapies stand a better chance of taking hold.
  • Methadone helps with withdrawal. Street drugs can have severe withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes this kind of therapy can work in conjunction with a good detoxification center. Either way, our medical staff are always on hand to carefully monitor the situation.

Therapy and Counselling

Being able to accept the concepts involved in recovery is critical. Of course, recovery is a process and a journey and not necessarily a destination. However, here at Rehab British Columbia, we take it upon ourselves to treat the whole individual in a holistic way.

That’s why, along with our individual and group therapy sessions, you’ll find we provide wholesome hearty meals and recreational facilities on site. Not only do our clients get a new skill set to deal with the sober life, they have the fresh healthy outlook that goes with it.

If you’re looking for safe and effective recovery programs that work, we have exactly what you need. We are proud to be able to treat the wide swath of addictive behaviors that can lead to relapse. For us, someone is fully recovered when they understand every aspect of their disease.

If you think you might have a problem, you can come and see us for an assessment. We can help you with methadone addiction treatment British Columbia and a variety of other treatments.